Zanesville Tactical is very small shop that has recently opened (By appointment only) in Zanesville Ohio. If you need anything firearms related, or want to do a custom build, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or calling us at (740) 610-5019. you can easily find us online by either clicking an image below or even clicking right >HERE<. 

The images and listings on this page do not directly represent what Zanesville Tactical currently has in stock. Please contact them directly for current stock items and quantity's.

Services offered by Zanesville Tactical include:

Buy, Sell, Trade

"Manufacturing" (custom Builds)

FFL Transfers for $20

Other items we carry in stock (quantity and availability not guaranteed)






Safety Glasses

Hearing Protection


Ammunition (pretty scarce right now)

Some Zanesville Tactical Work

Custom built AR-15

Davidson Defense Generator 16" rifle upper

Ambi Charging handle

Aero precision BCG and MMC Armory lower

One Pmag

Custom Built AR Pistol

Davidson Defense Buggy .223 Wylde 7.5" pistol upper

Ambi charging handle

Aero precision BCG, and MMC Armory lower with KAK Shockwave 2.0 pistol brace 

One Pmag 

Spikes Tactical ST Battle Trigger

Flip up sights