mantis training sytems coming soon to 3i HOlsters

We have in stock a variety of  Mantis training systems including the Mantis X10 Elite, X3, Blackbeard Green Laser (waiting on shipment), and Pink Rhino Laser training Cartridges. These items will be offered in store as well as online, so get them before they are gone. If an item is out stock on the 3i Holsters website then please visit Mantis Training equipment at

Mantis X10 Elite

Combining every Mantis X model, the X10 Elite is built to increase your performance with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even bows. Further additions to analysis features cater to competitive and combat shooters alike.

Mantis X3

The X3 adds live fire functionality, with the same engaging practice modes, same coaching, and same historical tracking data, allowing you to delve into and compare performance improvements between dry and live fire sessions.


This is not a drop-in trigger kit that you can swap with your trigger.  This is not a modification to your existing trigger.  This is a drop-in Bolt Carrier Group + magazine that works with your existing trigger.  It has the same weight, break, and reset. Your dry fire practice just became 100x more effective and engaging.

Pink Rhino Laser Cartridges

The Pink Rhino Laser Training Cartridge provides instant laser activation when the trigger is pulled. Train with your pistol using any visible laser target system or simulation.