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IWB Hybrid (HK)

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The 3i IWB Hybrid holster is thin, lightweight, breathable and the most comfortable IWB holster. You can carry on your hip, small of the back or even crossdraw.  Made with .080 Kydex, our IWB is durable and will exceed your expectations for an inside the waistband carry holster.  Adjustable retention is standard on all of our holsters so you have the freedom to loosen or tighten the retention to your liking.  We take care in building out our gun molds, so you will have little to no holster wear, using our product.  All of the retention is around the trigger guard, not the slide of the gun.

Your belt attachment options are as follows:

Soft belt loop with snap - snap this attachment closed and it will not un-snap until you are ready for it to come off your belt.
J-Hook - which is an injection molded clip that slips over your belt.
Ulticlip - a great beltless carry option that is metal and produced by Ulticlip.  This clip will attach to the top of pants, in a back pack or even inside your purse.  This option is additional $30.00.

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