Mantis Training System/Airsoft and dryfire training range

Great news, 3i Holsters has received our shipment of Mantis training systems. This is huge news for us and even bigger news for you! We will be offering products in store as well as online so get them before we run out. We will also be offering a one of a kind state of the art airsoft and dryfire training range, where you can come in and try out our MANTIS demo units before you buy your own. We will have an airsoft pistol on site that is full blowback, to give you the most realistic feel for the system as we can without actually taking you to a live fire range! This range will feature projected virtual targets, and some paper targets as well, giving you the most realistic range experience we can offer. At first this will be mainly by appointment as we figure out pricing to use the range, but as time progresses we will have open range days where you can come in and "shoot" as much as you want for a set cost. There will be no cost for testing out our demo units, if you wish to try your own gun with our demo units you will be accompanied by one of our trained staff at all times and there will be absolutely ZERO live ammunition allowed in the range area at any time during testing or range time! If you have any further questions please call the shop at (740) 297-7331 or email us at [email protected]