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OWB Holster Browning

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Our outside the waistband holsters are contoured to fit the natural curve of the body.  Perfect for open carry or concealed under the proper clothing.  Choose from three belt attachments:

  • Standard loops - injection molded loops that you thread your belt through.
  • Slip on loops - also known as "speed clips", injection molded, and makes the holster easy to remove from your belt, without the inconvenience of unfastening your belt.
  • Hidden loops - injection molded loops that sit behind the holster, which allows the weapon to sit further off your body.

Choose if you want a slight forward cant or a straight drop.  A slight forward cant allows for easier concealment, where a straight drop is perfect for a range holster.

You can also choose what height sweat guard you want on the holster.  This is on the back of the holster and protects the slide of the gun from touching your skin.  Your options are:

  • No sweat guard - the back of the holster will have no Kydex on the sweat guard.
  • Medium sweat guard - this is the most requested option.  This aides in re-holstering your weapon and keeps your shirt tail from getting tangled in between the gun and the holster.
  • Full sweat guard - the Kydex will go to the top of the slide and be the width of the slide.  No extra materials to add bulk to the holster.


We make our holsters as minimal as possible.  We make them slim, trim and extremely user-friendly!


These everyday carry holsters come in black .080 Kydex, have adjustable retention, and a lifetime warranty.


**Want to customize your holster?  After adding the basic black holster to your shopping cart, go to the "Custom Shop" and choose which Kydex you want for the front of your holster.  You can also choose colored eyelets and if you want a colored back on your holster, which is a great option if you want the shadow allowing the back color to frame the front piece!**

***Please note, large prints will not look good on smaller guns.  We have given gun size specifications on each custom print to help you make the best selection for your particular gun.  If you have ANY questions, please contact us.***

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