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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kydex?

Kydex is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride thermoplastic. Kydex is super tough and yet malleable and form-able when heat is applied. Kydex gets it's toughness from the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and its flexibility/form-ability from the acrylic making it the perfect material for several applications. Our standard holster are made from .080" black Kydex.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We provide a Lifetime Warranty on products that we manufacture and all hardware included with the aforementioned product. This is to include our holsters, mag carriers, tourniquet carriers, and all included hardware. We have a repair/replacement style warranty. If it beaks for any reason due to normal wear and tear or manufacturer defect then we will repair or replace it free of charge to you. If you modify your holster in anyway that is not a temporary attempt to fix a breakage while we are building a replacement then your warranty is void. That being said we cannot be liable for any damage to your firearm when a "user repair attempt" is made. Our warranty also does not cover fitment issues due to an incorrect firearm choice when completing an online order.


If you placed an order in error please email or call us immediately so that we can get the order off of our build board and get your money refunded. the contact information is as follows.

Call: (740) 297 7331

Email: [email protected]

Is there a break in period for my new holster like Leather?

No way. Our Kydex holsters are made with absolute perfect fitment in mind. Our holsters only actually make contact with one small part of the firearm for retention and with that small contact point you can adjust your retention to be so tight you cannot remove the firearm from the holster. if you have fitment issues and the holster is the correct model for the firearm please contact us for help. contact information is as follows.

Call: (740) 297-7331

Email: [email protected]

Where is your store?

Our store and shop are located at 923 Putnam Ave. Zanesville Ohio, 43701

Stop in and see Scott, Weaver, or any member of the 3i Holsters family for that matter.

What if I want something super custom?

We at 3i Holsters always have custom on the brain. We have two sayings, If you dream it, we can build it. and, We make custom holsters for custom people. our web design team is constantly adding products to the site and is diligently working on a setup for ordering a truly custom holster. When this dream is realized it will be a personal experience that is different for every customer and different for every holster, making it truly custom!